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...And why use essential oils?

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I LOVE to teach and would love to support you and your friends and family in learning more about Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils through an oil experience class either in-person or on-line.  E-Mail Leslie at to let me know how I can support you in your oily journey.

Thieves products are all essential oil-infused. 

Essential Oils are the purest form of medicines.  They were man's first medicine and are mentioned over 200 times in the Bible. They are the "life blood" and oils from the liquids of plants derived from shrubs, flowers, stems, roots, leaves and seeds.  When properly distilled, they have amazing therapeutic properties. Plain and simple they are one of God's gifts to us through His creation.

What are essential oils anyway?

Have you looked at the side effects on your prescription or over-the-counter meds lately?  The list of side effects and "cautions" go on and on equating to negative side effects on your body.  Young Living's 100% pure essential oils support all body systems and can be a part of a healthy lifestyle.  I say Young Living because all oils are not distilled with the same care or intention as Young Living oils are. When great care is taken in cultivating the plants and distilling the oils, the end product is that the essential oils can have the same therapeutic properties on you that it had on the plant from which it came!   Pretty amazing stuff.  That's how God designed plants and essential oils- who can argue with that...or Him?  Of course, what you put into your body is ultimately your choice.  But at least now you know you have a choice.  Young Living essential oils are considered medicines and with any medications common sense should be used.  And remember essential oils are not a "cure-all" but a part of a wellness lifestyle along with proper diet, exercise, chiropractic care, wellness check-ups, a non-toxic home, etc.