Hi! I am a mom of teenage girls, a wife, teacher, and essential oil lover who survives on lots of prayer, God's Word, Stress Away oil and NingXia Red! I began my essential oil journey after several events:

•Both my girls had a negative reaction to antibiotics 

•Husband was at the point of being willing to get allergy shots 

•I was having trouble sleeping- lots of it!

•I felt tired all the time.

•Started realizing what we were breathing in our household after dropping some "cleaner" on a rug and the rug disintegrated before my eyes in the spot where the "cleaner" fell

•And I could go on and on...

So- I decided to make some changes and began moving towards a toxin-free home and about this time someone at church introduced me to essential oils and there has been no turning back. I use Lemon oil in my water to drink (yummy!) and mix lemon oil with a little olive oil to dust my furniture. I diffuse Purification oil and Thieves oil and my house smells so good AND it is supporting out respiratory system.

I rub Lavender on my feet and diffuse it before I tuck in for the night. I apply Stress Away for those needed times. I diffuse RC while I exercise. And again, I could go on and on.

My husband uses Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, Melaleuca oil and Patchouli oil during the spring season and Mister oil for cologne.

My girls use them all, too- especially the hormone supporting oils!

And...that's just a little bit of the story. I hope you find blessings, good health, and wellness with essential oils and Young Living's essential oil infused products as we have.  As you explore the site, you will find high quality products to use for yourself and your family to support your body systems the natural way.

We said "bye-bye" to a chemical-filled life and "hello" to a plant-based life! I LOVE essential oils...they are man's first medicine provided by God.   I believe modern medicine has its place and am thankful for caring physicians. However...I choose to use natural alternatives when possible. The Premium Starter Collection is a great way to begin incorporating essential oils into your daily life and is how I encourage anyone to begin that doesn't know where to begin. Included in the Premium Starter Kit is your Everyday Oils(10), Diffuser, an additional 5mL of Stress Away oil, two samples of NingXia Red (Super Antioxidant Wellness drink) and your YL membership which rewards you with 24% off of the retail cost of ALL Young Living products.